9GAG Pro – Best Funny GIFs & Pics v6.02.07 APK torrent


Source : 9GAG Pro APK

Millions of funny pictures, fail image, reaction GIF, WTF photo, gaming (Overwatch, Pokemon GO, League of Legends, GTA), anime & manga (One Piece, Naruto, Gintama), movie & TV (The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), cosplay, cute animals, dogs & cats, memes… Update every minute!
Unstoppable hilarious videos, upvote or downvote them!
Awesome community with comments that would definitely crack you up.
One tap to share the fun on imgur, reddit, ifunny, thechive, tumblr, fml, tumblr, twitter and many more communities!
3 reasons that you’d need 9GAG:

Lol. Life is all about being happy right? 9GAG provides tons of joy that make you smile. You’ll definitely fall in love with 9GAG.
Lol with your friends. You’ll be happier when sharing happiness with them. (One tap to share the fun on imgur, reddit, ifunny, thechive, tumblr, fml, tumblr, twitter and many more communities!)
Life is easy. Take a break. Check out 9GAG.

9GAG has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos on the web. We are your best source of happiness and awesomeness.

9GAG makes your every single minute interesting and happy.

By downloading 9GAG to your mobile phone, you can access millions of funny pictures, reaction GIFs, WTF, gaming (Overwatch, Pokemon GO – Team Instinct, Team Valor & Team Mystic, League of Legends, GTA), anime & manga (One Piece, Naruto, Gintama), movie & TV (The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter), cosplay, cute animals, dogs & cats, memes… and viral videos when you have nothing to do.

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Camera FV-5 v3.29 APK-KingMax torrent


Camera FV-5 v3.29 APK-KingMax.torrent


Camera FV-5

Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs so that you can post-process them later and get stunning results. The only limit is your imagination and creativity!Major features:
• All photographic parameters are adjustable and always at hand: exposure compensation, ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and program mode.
• DSLR-like viewfinder display: see exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV and bracketing settings.
• Full fledged exposure bracketing: from 3 to 7 frames, unlimited stops spacing, plus custom EV shifting.
• Built-in intervalometer: make stunning timelapses (even bracketed/HDR timelapses) and time-controlled picture series.
• Program and Speed-priority modes.
• Long exposure support: take beautiful night photos and light trails with long exposure times up to 60 seconds*.
• JPEG as well as RAW (PNG**) image formats for lossless photo capturing, perfect for post-processing.
• EXIF and XMP sidecar metadata support.
• Self timer for delayed shooting.
• Autofocus, macro, touch-to-focus*** and infinity focus modes, plus a focus lock switch (AF-L).
• In background photo developing and processing allows a smooth, uninterrupted camera operation.This camera application completely avoids scene modes, instead you get full manual control over all photographic parameters, just like you do with a reflex camera, so you can ultimately control every aspect of the picture, and leave the post-processing to the computer. So after your DSLR, you will never miss a photo opportunity again, being able to capture it with the closer sensation to your DSLR as possible.
What’s in this version:

– Improved: support for ultra wide aspect ratio screens (Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6).
– Improved: battery usage while the app is not in the foreground.
– Fixed many other smaller issues.
Requires Android:2.2 and up


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Wise Folder Hider + Patch [CracksNow] torrent


Release Website : CracksNow.com

Wise Folder Hider + Patch [CracksNow]

Wise Folder Hider protects your private and important data from others’ eyes. This application is designed as a free USB drive/ file/ folder hiding tool. User can use it free to hide sensitive or important files and folders on local partitions or removable devices. The data can’t be accessed by other programs or other operating systems such as DOS. The only way to access or unhide these data is to enter the valid password. However, Wise Folder Hider is designed for home use only, but not recommended for commercial settings which require stricter confidentiality. Using this application, your private data and important files will not be exposed to others or unintentionally revealed and your privacy will not be pried into if you share one computer, USB drive, removable HDD drive, etc.


Wise Folder Hider 4 providing much more enhanced security than previous version for files and folders on your Windows PC. Wise Folder Hider 4 defends your private files from being read even when found by a third-party tool.

Wise Folder Hider Key Features:
Safe to Hide file/folder/USB
Free and easy to use
Double password protection
Support of Removable Drivers
Support of Drag and Drop

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Battery Widget Reborn 2017 v2.4.2 PRO APK-KingMax torrent


Battery Widget Reborn 2017 v2.4.2 PRO APK-KingMax.torrent


Battery Widget Reborn

This app provides following functionality:

Battery widget
– circle battery level indicator indicator perfectly fits pure Android design
– resizable on Android 4.x+
– support for both main and external dock battery (Asus Transformer only)

Basic battery info
– Battery Info
– Shortcuts to Power-Summary/Background Sync/Wifi/BT Settings

Status bar notification of battery status
– multiple icon styles
– prediction (estimation) how long battery lasts
– customizable texts in notification area (estimated time left, voltage, temperature, battery health)

Power saving functionality
– automatic airplane mode during the night (simple but powerful battery saver functionality)

Charging and discharging chart

Extended notifications support for Jelly Bean phones
– optional charging and discharging chart
– power related toggles:
– Wifi
– Bluetooth
– Background Sync
– Airplane mode
– customizable notification priority

Holo themes interface on all phones with Android 2.3+

Specific HW vendor support
– supports Motorola 1% increment
– supports Asus Transformer secondary (dock) batter

What’s in this version:

– Updated translations
Requires Android:2.3 and up


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CamScanner Phone PDF Creator FULL v4.8.0 APK-KingMax torrent


CamScanner Phone PDF Creator FULL v4.8.0 APK-KingMax.torrent

Minimum Requirement
Requires :Android 2.3 and up

CamScanner Phone PDF Creator

Over 50,000 new registrations per day
CamScanner, 50 Best Apps, 2013 Edition – TIME
Top Developer – Google Play Store
CamScanner helps you scan, store, sync and collaborate on various contents across smartphones, tablets and computers.

*Mobile Scanner
Use your phone camera to scan receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc.

*Optimize Scan Quality
Smart cropping and auto enhancing make the texts and graphics look clear and sharp

*Quick Search
By entering any keyword, you’ll see a list of docs with the word in their titles, notes or images (Registrants only)

*Extract Texts from Image
OCR (optical character recognition) extracts texts inside single page for further editing or .txt sharing. (Licensed only)

*Share PDF/JPEG Files
Easily share docs in PDF or JPEG format with others via social media, email attachment or sending the doc link

*Print & Fax
Instantly print out docs in CamScanner with nearby printer; directly fax docs to over 30 countries right from the app

Invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your scans in a group. (Registrants only)

*Advanced Editing
Making annotations or adding customized watermark on docs are made available for you

*Secure Important Docs
Set passcode for viewing important docs; meanwhile, when sending doc link, you can set password to protect it

*Sync across Platforms
Sign up to sync documents on the go. Just sign in to any smartphone, tablet or computer (visit www.camscanner.com) you own and you can view, edit and share any document. (Registrants only)

Premium Features:

1. Edit OCR results and notes of the entire doc, exporting as .txt file
2. Create Doc Collage for multiple pages
3. Add 10G cloud space
4. Add 40 extra collaborators
5. Send doc link with password protection and expiration date
6. Auto upload docs to Box, Google Drive, Dropbox , Evernote and OneDrive
7. Batch download PDF files in web app (www.camscanner.com)
8. Every benefit registrants enjoys
9. Everything paid app offers
Please note the subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the period unless you choose to cancel the subscription.

CamScanner users scan and manage

Bill, Invoice, Contract, Tax Roll, Business Card…
Whiteboard, Memo, Script, Letter…
Blackboard, Note, PPT, Book, Article…
Credential, Certificate, Identity Documents…
3rd Party Cloud Storage Services Supported:

Box, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive
What’s in this version :

1. Optimize document thumbnail view by fixing fractures in pictures
2. Optimize B&W mode of comic, handwriting, and pictures


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Any Video Converter Ultimate 6.1.5 + Keygen [CracksNow] torrent


Release Website : CracksNow.com

Any Video Converter Ultimate 6.1.5 + Keygen [CracksNow]

As Ultimate video converter, Any Video Converter performs its excellence in converting AVI, MPG, RMVB, MOV, MKV and many other video formats to WMV, AVI, MP4, FLV, 3GP and other popular formats at fast speed and with outstanding quality. Any Video Converter supports iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and other Portable Media Players (PMPs) and cell phones. Besides the output formats dedicated for iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and cell phones, Any Video Converter supports customizing WMV, AVI and 3GP formats.

Any Video Converter features include:
• User-friendly interface that is easy to use.
• Converts all video formats to Apple iPod Video, Sony PSP and more
• Batch convert any video formats including avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mp4, etc.
• Support DivX and Xvid avi format as importing and exporting video
• Support default video/audio settings or user customized parameters for video and audio.
• Has the option to preview the video in real-time before conversion .
• World’s fastest video conversion speed with stunning video and audio quality.
• Supports adjust many video/audio options for MP4 files. For example, video/audio sample rate, bit rate, video size…

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Smart IR Remote – AnyMote v4.5.7 APK-KingMax torrent


Smart IR Remote – AnyMote v4.5.7 APK-KingMax.torrent

Minimum Requirement
Requires :Android 4.4 and up

Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Why should you need to use more than one remote for all the devices you own ?

With Smart Remote for your Samsung Galaxy S4 (also works on some CyanogenMod devices now, as well as other custom ROMs!), you can add, create and customize any number of remotes, combining controls from any of your existing remotes. Imagine a single remote on which the CHANNEL UP button controls your Set Top Box from your TV provider, the VOLUME keys control your home theater system and the arrow keys control your TV’s menu.

On top of all that, since you’re holding a phone, why not use some of it’s unique features?

AIR GESTURES – exclusive to your phone!
Simply leave the app open, and wave your hand above your phone to change channels (left to right) or volume (up and down)

Don’t you hate it when you receive a call but can’t hear the other person because the TV is too loud? Now, Smart Remote can automatically mute your current device when someone calls you.

Why should you need to switch apps just to send a command ? Activate Floating Remote in settings, and have a chathead-style remote available just one touch away!

Do you switch ROMs often ? Or maybe reinstall apps daily? The backup/restore feature will help you save your remotes, so you can get them back when you install again, without going through the setup process again!

With our new advanced macro system, you can execute a series of commands one after the other (like turning on TV, then switching to HDMI 1), add customizable delays between commands, and reorder the commands as you wish.

With infrared – IR Blaster – already included in your phone, why shouldn’t you make the most of it? Smart Remote can control your TV, Set Top Box, Lights, Projectors, etc.. Virtually anything that has an Infrared Receiver can be controlled by Smart Remote with the correct remote codes. And we’re working 24/7 on adding more!

Why not get rid of your TV remote, set top box remote, and home center remote, all at once ?

Please note that due to the large queue, it normally takes 1-2 weeks to add new devices to our database after you report them
Please note that due to Galaxy S4 hardware limitation, automatic learning isn’t possible
What’s in this version :

– added color support for LifX & Hue
– IR Blasters now get backed up
– Beta support for SystemLine over wifi


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Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) v1.4.5 APK-KingMax torrent


Day Night Live Wallpaper (All) v1.4.5 APK-KingMax.torrent


Day Night Live Wallpaper (All)

1. Sun Rise Pro — for Morning
2. Blue Sky Pro — for Afternoon
3. Sunset Hill Pro — for Evening
4. Dream Night Pro — for Night

★ Just added for Christmas: Snow falling, with an option to use the accelerometer to change direction when phone is rotated.
★ Automatically switches between the above skies throughout the day, using an algorithm to calculate the sun rise and sunset time using your GPS location.
★ You can set specific timings for each sky in the Settings, or you can choose to show only your favorite sky.
★ Contains an extra sky for pre-dawn.
★ Contains all settings for each sky (moon, stars, sky color, rainbow, etc.).
★ Bird sounds.
★ Touch interaction with the trees and birds.
★ Parallax effect settings.
★ Various other settings for birds, deers, trees, etc.

What’s in this version :

Added a digital clock display (turn it on in Settings –> Digital Clock).
daily random mode for the hill scene. Added
the setting to set windmill rotation speed to reflect the battery level. Added
Due to technical difficulties in release, we separated DayDream mode into its own app (free).
Bug fixes.
Requires :Android 2.2 and Up


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Moon+ Reader Pro v4.2.2 APK-KingMax torrent


Moon+ Reader Pro v4.2.2 APK-KingMax.torrent

Minimum Requirement
Requires Android:1.6 and up

Moon+ Reader Pro

Professional book reader with powerful controls & full functions.

*Support online ebook libraries and personal calibre ebook server.
*Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation.
Support txt, html, epub, umd, fb2, chm, zip or OPDS, key features:
Full visual options: line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, alpha colors, fading edge etc.
10+ themes embedded, includes Day & Night mode switcher.
Various types of paging: touch screen, volume keys or even camera, search or back keys.
24 customized operations (screen click, swipe gesture, hardware keys), apply to 15 customized events: search, bookmark, themes, navigation, font size and more.
5 auto-scroll modes: rolling blind mode; by pixel, by line or by page. Real-time speed control.
Adjust the brightness by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen, gesture commands supported.
Intelligent paragraph; indent paragraph; trim unwanted blank spaces and lines options.
“Keep your eyes health” options for long-time reading.
Real page turning effect with customized speed/color/transparent; 5 page flip animations;
My Bookshelf design: Favorites, Downloads, Authors, Tags; self bookcover, search, import supported.
Justified text alignment, hyphenation mode supported.
Turn off softkey backlight in night mode option.
Backup/Restore options to cloud via DropBox, sync reading positions between phones and tablets.
Highlight, Annotation, Dictionary (Offline or Online, support Google, ColorDict, Fora, etc.), Translation, Share functions all in moon+ ebook reader.
What’s in this version :

Start page uses Overview Board instead of Recent List
Update Comics Viewer(cbz/cbr/pictures)
Smart control for “Swipe left edge to adjust brightness”
Share function for books in My Shelf and start page
Better superscript rendering for fb2 and epub books
Import/Export functions for “TTS Chars Filter”
Support highlight in PDF text reflow mode
Optimize for Galaxy S8/S8+
Fix bug: page jump issue while screen is on/off in system power save mode


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TeamViewer Premium Enterprise 12.0.78716 + Patch [CracksNow] torrent


Release Website : CracksNow.com

TeamViewer Premium Enterprise 12.0.78716 + Patch [CracksNow]

More than 200,000,000 Users spread over more than 200 countries already use TeamViewer – when will you start? TeamViewer is ready to use, right after downloading! Download, execute, and get started! – Your first session will start in less than a minute.


Save time and money
Support, assist, interact, and collaborate with people. Exchange information. Access and use technology. One tool makes it possible to work as if you were all in the same room without travel time and expenses. With TeamViewer, you have everything you need right in front of you.

Focus on your work, not getting it to work
Solve issues remotely or bring customers and colleagues together without complex steps or onerous prep time.
TeamViewer is designed to get you working in seconds on any device.

Secure and powerful
TeamViewer enables you to do what you want without any hassle and without any worries. Private data, private conversations, and private meetings stay that way.

20 reasons you’ll love TeamViewer 12: Check out your all-new features.

Support your customers more effectively, boost your output, and shine with outstanding remote support.

Remote QuickSteps
Save yourself hundreds of clicks with one-click shortcuts for your most-used remote support actions.

Remote Control Tabs for macOS
Conveniently run multiple remote sessions on macOS in tabs with Sierra’s latest tab-view technology.

Service Case Notifications
Take swift action on pop-up and email notifications. Delegate tasks faster, for more effective IT support.

Remote Sticky Note
Leave a message behind for a more personal customer relationship.

Simply smarter – discover the TeamViewer 12 benefits
Turbocharge your remote support, improve your workflow with smart tweaks – and show your customers that you care.

The future is here: enjoy a truly immersive remote session experience.

High Frame Rate Connections
Edit videos or work seamlessly on other high-frame-rate tasks with remote session framerates of up to 60 fps.

Simplified Client Interface
Focus on the task at hand and enjoy working more intuitively with an overhauled, one-window interface.

Intelligent Connections Setup
Connect with the best possible quality via automatic intelligent system adjustments, based on your network conditions and system hardware.

Smoother Remote Sessions
Work on all remote sessions faster and more smoothly with improved feedback times from touch, keyboard, and mouse.

Simply better – discover the TeamViewer 12 benefits
Less latency, improved compression, and blazing file transfers … our team has been hard at work behind the scenes to give you the best possible remote experience.

Provide sleeker, faster support thanks to groundbreaking performance enhancements and integrations.

Faster File Transfer
Thought your file transfers were already fast? TeamViewer now lets you transfer files up to 20 times faster, with transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s.

Silent Host Roll Out
With a single click, you can quickly roll out TeamViewer to thousands of your devices simultaneously.

Remote Device Dashboard
View and take action on critical performance information during a remote session with the new remote device dashboard.

Code Base Re-write for Performance
Performance-optimized code for tech that keeps up with you. Work faster thanks to significant backend optimizations.

Device Connection Reports
All inbound connections at a glance in the Management Console. Quickly know who has been connecting to your devices.

Simply faster – discover the TeamViewer 12 benefits
We cut code, not corners: Get more done with ingenious new features and ground-level optimizations that enhance the software’s speed and responsiveness.

Strengthen your performance with enhanced security and greater device support.

Mobile to Mobile Remote Connections
Cross-platform mobile-to-mobile screen sharing for iOS, and remote control of Android and Windows Phones.

TeamViewer Policy Assignment
Improved central control of TeamViewer settings for devices you manage. Easily check that the right settings are applied to the right devices.

Service Case Chat
Let your customers contact you via chat even before they receive support, making sure you get the request to the right supporter quickly.

TeamViewer Policy API
Easily deploy control settings to any number of devices, all within your own software environment via the API.

Windows Phone Support
Remotely support Windows Phone from any computer – an industry first.

Simply stronger – discover the TeamViewer 12 benefits
File under “ingenious”: Explore extra features for advanced security, instant customer satisfaction, better device support, and even mobile-to-mobile remote connections.

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OfficeSuite + PDF Editor Premium v9.0.8828 APK-KingMax torrent


OfficeSuite + PDF Editor Premium v9.0.8828 APK-KingMax.torrent

Minimum Requirement
Requires Android:4.0and up

OfficeSuite 8 Pro Premium + PDF

Completely new desktop similar user interface and experience to help you easily switch working on your mobile device
Track changes (Premium feature)
PDF security and editing features (digital signatures, permissions management, add text to PDF, annotations)
The only office solution allowing you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel or ePUB (available in OfficeSuite Premium).

OfficeSuite is the trusted leader for reliably editing Microsoft Office and PDF documents and attachment on Android.

Installed on over 160 million devices in 205 countries
Over 55,000 registrations per day
No. 1 app in Google Play Business category
45 million downloads and over 280,000 reviews on Google Play

Ability to view, create and edit complex Microsoft Office and PDF files and attachments with a single complete feature-rich application.
Full compatibility with Microsoft formats DOC, DOCX, DOCM, , XLS, XLSX, XLSM, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM and support of common formats as PDF, RTF, TXT, LOG, CSV, EML, ZIP; Open Office formats available as in-app purchase – ODT, ODS and ODP in OfficeSuite Premium.
Intact document formatting and layout and ability to create advanced documents on the device.
Rich editing features for advanced document creation and touch-up on the device.
Easy file access to local, remote files and email attachment.
Integrated File Browser allowing you to access and manage your local and remote storage files; Quick access to Recent files, My documents folders and document templates.
Sharing via could, email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct.
Integration with various cloud services as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and SugarSync.
Security features – work with password protected files (available in OfficeSuite Premium).
Spell checker, predictive text keyboard, PDF camera scanner, Microsoft compatibility Font Pack and many more features available as in-app upgrade to OfficeSuite Premium.
Save to PDF (in OfficeSuite Premium). Convert PDF files to Word, Excel or ePUB (available in OfficeSuite Premium)
Available in 56 languages.
Optimized for work with keyboards with support of multiple keyboard shortcuts and moving of objects and selections.
A number of manufacturers such as Sony, Amazon, ACER, Alcatel, Toshiba, Sharp, Barnes and Noble, Archos, Polaroid, ViewSonic, Kyocera and Kobo trusted MobiSystems and preloaded OfficeSuite worldwide.

What’s in this version :•

– Bug fixes and performance improvements.


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☑ Enjoy

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The House of da Vinci v1.0 IPA for iPHONE torrent



Enter The House of Da Vinci, a new must-try 3D puzzle adventure game. Solve mechanical puzzles, discover hidden objects, escape from rooms and dive into the authentic atmosphere of the Renaissance. Use all your wits to find out what’s behind your master’s disappearance.

The game is now available for introductory price.


Brain twisters and baffling riddles are all based on Leonardo’s inventions.

Navigate Leonardo’s workshop intuitively. Playing the game couldn’t be more fun.

War machines, complex lockboxes, mechanical puzzles, room escapes will all test your skills.

Detect hidden objects by seeing through the surfaces around you.

An unusual gauntlet allows you to witness events that happened earlier, and learn more of the story.

You are Da Vinci’s most promising apprentice. Your master, Leonardo, has disappeared. You have no idea where he’s gone or what has happened. So you begin your quest, your search for the truth. However, Leonardo’s workshop is full of puzzles, inventions, escape mechanisms and objects hidden in all corners of beautifully decorated rooms. You’ll need to use all of your brain cells to find out what’s really going on!

We’ve applied our own imagination to the story of the world’s greatest inventor, Leonardo da Vinci, providing players with unique special abilities throughout gameplay. We allow you to warp back into your early days as a young apprentice, exploring the 16th century world around you, peeking into Leonardo’s mechanisms, puzzles and devices, as you eventually become powerful enough to control time itself and learn the secrets hidden in the past.

Many challenging puzzles are inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s real inventions and ideas. Mysterious locations were created based on original artworks and the wonderful Florence, Italy of 1506.

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MIUI 8 – Icon Pack v1.0.5 APK-KingMax torrent


MIUI 8 – Icon Pack v1.0.5 APK-KingMax.torrent

Minimum Requirement
Android 4.0 and up

MIUI 8 – Icon Pack


• 200+ icons inspired by official MIUI 8 from Xiaomi (a lot of new icons are coming soon, stay tuned!)
• 100+ high resolution cloud based wallpapers
• XXHDPI icon 192×192 pixel
• Dynamic calendar support
• Support Muzei
• Light, Dark and auto theme of User Interface
• icons divided into categories with the possibility to search
• Help section with FAQs
• Show/Hide launcher icon from app drawer
• Icon request for send email to developer with missing icons

Still in development, update will be available weekly!


• Nova Launcher
• Action Launcher
• Apex
• Atom
• Aviate
• CM Theme Engine
• Go Launcher
• LG Home
• Smart Launcher
• Etc.

What’s New

Added only white mask on missing icons.
Some icons has been improved.
Deleted some pictures to reduce app size.
Some activities code has been improved
Fixed bug with wrong icon phone and contacts on Xiaomi devices
Fixed calendar icon on Samsung devices
Minor bug fix

Install Apk
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Any Video Converter Ultimate 6.1.5 + Keygen + 100% + Working [Nov… torrent


Any Video Converter Ultimate

Any Video Converter Ultimate is an All-in-One DVD ripper, video converter and DVD creator which helps you rip DVD and convert all kinds of video formats including MP4, AVI, RM, RMVB, QT, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DVR-MS, VOB, MKV, ASF, DivX, OGM to MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, MPG and SWF with fast converting speed and excellent video quality, HD AVI, HD MP4 and HD WMV output formats are also available and you can create DVD movie with beautiful and customizable DVD menu directly from various video formats. Any Video Converter Ultimate can also extract audio from DVD and video, save into MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG and WAVE.

Any Video Converter Ultimate downloads and converts online videos from YouTube, Google Video, Nico Video only in one step by pasting the URL, you can also select YouTube video formats including standard FLV, normal MP4, mobile phone 3GP and HD MP4 to download and convert. Want to watch all your favorite clips, video blogs, music videos even when you’re offline? If the online video you want is restricted from downloading, you can use our proggram’s video recording function to get a good quality recording. Any Video Converter Ultimate is the best DVD Ripper and video converter for your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, PS3, Walkman, Archos, Creative Zen, Sansa View, iRiver PMP, Wii, Xbox 360, Pocket PC, PDA, MP3/MP4 players and mobile phones such as Gphone, Nokia, Samsung, LG and Motorola.

Any Video Converter Ultimate provides lots of useful functions. It supports batch conversion, it can merge several video clips in different formats into one file, manage output video files by group or profile, set process priority and specify number of threads to use for encoding. Most of the parameters for output profile are customizable, you can easily select or enter video size, video bitrate, video framerate, audio bitrate, sample rate and set audio channel. Trimming is also available so that you can easily specify any part of the video to convert.


(1): Please use 7Zip/WinRAR/Universal Extractor to EXTRACT FILES
(2): Run the setup
(3): Use Given U/N And Key To Register
(4): You Can Also Use Keygen To Generate New Key
(5): Enjoy and Support Developers, Buy It, They Deserved It!


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MX Player Pro APK v1.9.0 Patched (AC3/DTS) Download torrent


Source mx player pro apk

Benefits of MX Player Pro:

Are you hesitant about the features of the Pro version? Read on further then.

No Advertisements

On the media selection and pause screen, MX Player APK free version displays an ad on the top. Most of us don’t like having an ad in the middle of enjoying something interesting. You won’t see advertisements on MX Player Pro APK.

Supports Every Subtitle Format

Not all mobile media players support subtitles. Even if they support, we can’t expect them to render all the formats. But MX Player APK is an exception here. It supports every subtitle format. You can even personalize and reposition the text as well. Of course, there are lots of other features like hardware acceleration, subtitle gestures, multicore decoding, etc.

The “MX Player Pro” for Android plays almost all video formats on a smartphone in good quality and uses decoding on hardware acceleration.

Meanwhile, almost every Android smartphone has an HD display and a multi-core processor. The “MX Player Pro APK” uses these resources for decoding, which according to the manufacturer brings a performance increase of up to 70 percent.

Source: crackedapk

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